Wednesday, April 1. 2009


Now I have savely arrived in Germany (bukan: in German, ini sama "Bahasa jerman" :-)), everything is fine and I am with my familiy and my friends. Flight was O.K., but too little space for a tall person, as always. Should start earning money and fly first class ... and there should be first class discont for tall people, too.

Many greetings to everybody in Indonesia, dan terima kasih untuk semua orang-orang!


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  1. Niar says:

    Hmmmmm.....teasing by stated clearly the different between "Germany" and "German" hehehehe. So...masih makan "noodle fried?" hahahaha.

    See...saya mengerti bahasa Jerman. Saya bisa memberikan komentar.

    selamat menikmati kembali keindahan negara Jerman.

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